On Friday and Saturday April 1 & 2, the Quinobequin Quilters will present its biennial Quilt Show, being held again in Needham. We will display the work of over 50 quilt guild members from Needham, Newton, Wellesley, Natick and other surrounding towns. Over 125 beautiful traditional and art quilts will be on display. This year will also mark the debut of our new, whimsical “Do Not Touch the Quilts” mini-quilts. Needham Masonic Lodge, at 1101 Highland Ave, Needham, MA.

Quilt Show Preview “Trailer” Video https://youtu.be/y2l6AM8r7Ts For more information, see Quinobequin Quilters’ NEW Web Site: www.quinobequin.org.


Early in March I was on a "Diva" Sewing Weekend up at Endicott College with my Button Box buddies and there I completed the first two of the quilts. It was an extraordinary accomplishment because as you know I've been working on these quilts for about 6 years. It's a sense of accomplishment and relief to my fellow quilters, who during these six years have created some magnificent quilts (many of which you will see at the show) and have watched me labor through 20 mariners compasses made from tee shirt material, etc. etc. Two are complete, but many of the "common" squares of the remaining 18 are complete. The tricky part now is trying to personalize each quilt, at the same time, each day working with a diminishing pile of clothing.

It is my hope that I will be able to display and distribute the 20 quilts (these are lap quilts, not bed quilts) the last weekend in October at a gathering of friends and family as we celebrate Tommy and our 10 year journey – which would not have been possible without all of you!!!!

There was an article about two Robert Mapplethorpe exhibits in Los Angeles recently in The New York Times. He's quoted as saying, "Art is an accurate statement of the time it is made..." I may be bold in calling the Tommy Quilts "art" but they do represent my journey – (we'll leave the symbolism for another time) – as well as providing a hint into the mind of an adolescent at the cusp of becoming a young adult in the mid 2000s, those things that made Tommy, Tommy. The fact that there are 20 quilts, each going to a friend or family member is testament to the lives he touched and his legacy.


– RoseMary Fuss